Our services

  • ČUN interpreting services (mainly in Prague, Central Bohemia, Liberec Region, South Moravian Region, Moravian-Silesian Region and Zlín Region).

We provide interpreting for persons with hearing disabilities without age limitations, who prefer Czech sign language or signed Czech when communicating with their surroundings. The service is provided in outpatient and field form.

  • Simultaneous Transcription Mediation Center (anywhere in the Czech Republic)

The service is intended for people with hearing disabilities who do not communicate using the sign language or prefer Czech language. Simultaneous transcription is a service in which spoken speech is converted into writing in real time. The transcriber simultaneously transcribes the spoken language and the client reads the text on a laptop, tablet or other display device. For multiple users during some event, the text is projected onto a screen or LCD screen. Simultaneous transcription can also be provided online.

  • Activation services for people with hearing disabilities

Within these activation services, we try to solve the unfavourable situation of people with hearing disabilities in various ways. For example, if deaf people do not understand the text, we help them to understand the text, deal with important matters at the authorities, and arrange group events they cannot normally attend (English language course – focused on the special help with understanding insight; Czech language course – focused on the special help with understanding insight, and other courses including lectures).

  • Publishing of the magazine UNIE

UNIE magazine was published in 1992 – 2010. In 2016, it was reinstated. UNIE is published as a bimonthly and brings to the deaf interesting information from the world of the deaf. Interviews, invitations, advice and tips, information on sports activities, etc. Information about the UNIE magazine can be found here https://www.cun.cz/casopis-unie/cisla-unie/ and in the Czech sign language here: https: // www .cun.cz / casopisunie / clankyveznakovemjazyce/.

  • Courses of the sign language

ČUN offers both individual courses in the Czech sign language and group course that can be attended regularly from September to June. Teaching is provided by professionally educated lecturers. At the end of the course, the graduate takes the exam and receives a certificate accredited by the Ministry of Education.

The founder of the Czech Union of the Deaf is the Czech-Moravian Union of the Deaf. More information about this organization can be found at www.cmun.cz